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We help our clients to formulate and develop their company strategic goals. In this regard, we contribute our many years of experience in all areas of the pharmaceutical business.


One of our main driving forces is the focus on domestic market requirements. Our experienced team maintains constant communication with pharmacies and physicians of all specialties, keeps up with the latest therapeutic protocols in different branches of medicine, analyzes data from all available sources and decides which new products, both medicines and food supplements, should be promoted through everyday activities on the market via medical representatives.


Our experienced team can offer you a wide range of distributors in order to find the one which fits your business philosophy, your products’ marketing and your products’ access to the market. Successful entrance and the best promotion on the local market are guaranteed.


Our team will help you set appropriate prices for Serbian market for different ranges of products:

» medicines

» medical devices

» food supplements

It includes:

» competition analysis

» marketing strategy

» following legislative rules set by relevant Authorities


We offer marketing solutions adapted to the local markets, while preserving the original identity of our products and implementing the key brand values and messages. Successful marketing of a pharmaceutical product greatly depends on a good marketing plan. We offer you the plan and much more than that. The objective of our marketing team is that you, our partner, become successful in this dynamic, competitive and demanding business environment. That is why we provide the best solutions in implementing your business strategy.

Within the scope of our marketing services, we can - fully or in part - look after your products:

» Market analysis

» Marketing plan development

» Product Launches 

» Launch Management + promotional material

» Event management

» PR



In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we offer effective and safe products that support wound healing after Caesarean section.




SILBEN nano repair® supports the treatment of hard healing wounds, burns, ulcers, bed sores and diabetic foot. Based on the results of clinical trials...



Medihoney® 100% Antibacterial Medical Honey is a standardized antibacterial honey, predominantly Leptospermum sp. (=Manuka), selected for its unique wound cleaning and antibacterial barrier properties..