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BurnFree blankets are a unique product that can be used to provide first aid in burns caused by fire. BurnFree blankets combine three fire suppression steps in one - fire extinguishing, cooling the burned area and stabilizing body temperature using a wool cover.

BurnFree blankets are designed for emergency aid services, but also for industrial use as first aid in burns. They also provide physical protection against heat, fire and smoke.

The blankets are made of pure wool, woven so that they have a unique structure of interconnected openings. A special structure made of woolen fibers allows for 14 times more BurnFree gel in the blanket than the weight of the blanket itself.

BurnFree BLANKET 183 x 152 cmBurnFree BLANKET 183 x 152 cm BurnFree BLANKET 244 x 152 cmBurnFree BLANKET 244 x 152 cm BurnFree BLANKET 91 x 76 cmBurnFree BLANKET 91 x 76 cm

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