Who can use BurnFree products?

Since BurnFree products provide physical protection essential for the primary treatment of burns, BurnFree products should be present in the first aid kit of any household, office space, ambulance, fire station, in the car, etc.

BurnFree dressing and pain relief gels are safe and can be easily used by children as well.

The sooner the gel or dressing is applied to the burn, the more effectively they alleviate pain and reduce damage to the tissue.

Note: The use of BurnFree products several hours after the injury has occurred will not cause harm, but the effectiveness of them will be much lower than that if they had been applied immediately after the injury.

Why is it important that the BurnFree gel contains no fats and oils?

When applied to burns, fats, oils and oil-based products keep the heat in the body that is then transferred deeper into the tissue and causes deepening of the injury. (Never put butter on a burn!)

Is medical help required after using BurnFree dressing or blankets?

Always seek medical assistance in case of burns and smoke inhalation as soon as possible after injury.

What will happen if BurnFree freezes?

Burnfree can be frozen. Of course, it cannot be used in frozen form, but after thawing, the product will not be damaged and it will also be just as effective as it was before. It is optimally stored at room temperature. If stored at a temperature higher than 37 C, it is recommended to cool before use.

Is BurnFree good for chemical burns?

Yes, but the burns need to be washed wash and the chemical removed from the injured area in accordance with standard protocols. It is standard procedure to wash the area with water for 15 minutes to ensure the complete removal of the chemical.

Is BurnFree good for sunburns?

BurnFree is very effective in sunburns. It is applied abundantly on the burned area and is not rubbed in.

Can it be used with chilblain?

No. Chilblains are technically not burns. They are caused by great coldness. Their treatment requires exactly the opposite of what is required in burns. Do not use BurnFree for such an injury.

Is BurnFree a cure?

No. BurnFree is a medical product of the product class that does not contain active ingredients.

What is BurnFree?

This is deionized pure water, concentrated into a gel (using a gelling agent), which allows the water to remain in place over the injured area. Although water is effective as a first aid for burns, it is difficult to keep it in place. BurnFree gel allows for efficient and easy water cooling directly on the burned area. Along with the gel, BurnFree contains a wetting agent to allow for the better penetration of water through clothes and around foreign bodies embedded in the wound. Wetting allows for the softening of the material in order for its easier removal from wounds. BurnFree also contains a preservative and an evaporation inhibitor to control the burn cooling process. It is a specially designed system that allows the transfer of heat to the gel without the risk of uncontrolled cooling by evaporation, which can lead to hypothermia.



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